R. Kelly

26 06 2008

I think they are going after Kelly for the wrong thing. They could get him for soliciting a prostitute, but pedophilia is a bit different. It was consensual and she was clearly paid for her service.

People will probably disagree with alot of what I’m saying but historically, may people on here have grandparents who were married young or who were pregnant in their early teens. The shit has finally come back around because nowadays girls are still getting pregnant at 14, 15, 16. There are girls in middle school sucking dicks, and fucking, they are just fast ass kids and really a byproduct of our current society. Everyone on this board probably knows at least three chicks that were fooling with college dudes and shitting on dudes their age trying to get at them.

In watching the video you see that she is a trained professional and she is not acting uncomfortable or intimidated in the least. R. Kelly is not forcing her to do any of the stuff she subjects herself to. While we all know its R. Kelly having sex with an underage chick, I would have a much stronger issue if he had been aggressive, abusive or intimidating towards her.

But he wasn’t.

He paid a prostitute to perform and she did, and there are plenty of underage prostitutes that no one gives a shit about because they weren’t seen on tape fucking R. Kelly.

In fact, no one really cares about the girl, people just care because it is him.

Personally, I don’t like to see black people get hemmed up and have to go to jail, cuz prosecutors love making examples out of brothers, especially successful ones (Mike Vick) but Kellz is gonna have to ride for this one. I just hope the people don’t label him as a pedophile because they will kill him in prison. He needs to do his time for this and move the fuck on.

This is not necessarily about defending R. Kelly or claiming him to be a victim or anything. I think that most stuff people bring upon themselves and most times people are not willing to take responsibility for their actions.

I also think that if you are going to go after someone, go after them for the right reason, the flip side to that is that I don’t like seeing black people hemmed up despite most shit being brought upon themselves, from speeding tickets and dope cases to TI’s nonsense. Its weird but its like I want them to understand they fucked up and pay a penalty but I don’t want someone’s life ruined behind a foolish decision. (hahah the racist in me only applies this to black people though cuz we have always been hamstring by “the system”)

It is wild that this dude beat that case. Wow, that was something unexpected.

Its not he was the police caught on tape whipping a black guys ass or something, I mean they just do that to keep the peace.¬† He’s nobody as important as a police officer, he’s just a celebrated R&B singer who likes sexing underage girls.

Who would’a thunk it?




One response

17 07 2008
Big Homie

Great post my dude. What’s the deal?

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