Carter III and Lil Wayne hate

26 06 2008

Strangely enough – I like The Carter III.

Strange because when Carter II came out a few years ago and this chick copped it for me as a Christmas gift I vomited a little in the back of my throat and not so politely returned the gift to her to be replaced by a more palatable Bun B ‘Trill.’

Thing is, between now and then Wayne has grown on me. So of course I downloaded his joint from the boards. I don’t think he’s the best rapper alive but he is witty and clever and makes pretty good beat selection. He actually does have some content in his music on occasion as I realized years ago with his first disc when my little bro would bump his shit. I was just never into the whole Cash Money era and wrote those fools off like most cats did.

Thing is he has some decent joints in his catalog and on this album (ok, in the interest of full disclosure – I still haven’t listened to any of his albums all the way through except for the Carter III but the mf’er has nuff joints out now and I ain’t spendin’ my hard earned on a Lil Wayne album.)

Whats interesting to me is all of the hate this cat gets for doing what he does and doing it pretty decently. He is better than Jeezy and A LOT of other rappers out. He had a ridiculous verse on OutKast’s ‘Hollywood Divorce.’ And he has dropped other hot verses in his time. In fact, the reason he has all of this buzz etc. is because over the last 3-year period he has dropped alot of material and a lot of stand-out verses.

I can’t say that I’m a fan of Wayne’s as its not as though I have been checking for his albums. But can someone explain to me all of the hate for this dude? Sure’s he’s a syrup head upstart, but he doesn’t strike me as any less of talented rapper than some of the guys most of you have listed as dope MC’s.

Is this just an issue of hating on a successful rapper finally hitting his stride? Did he eat your kitten or some shit? Cuz muthafucka’s really have a lot of venom for this dude like he committed a personal offense against them.

The only rapper deserving of all of that: Silkk the Shocker




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17 07 2008
Big Homie

LOL at Silk the Shocker

Untitled > Carter III

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