What’s the boldest thing a chick w/ a man has done when with you?

15 04 2008

A rip from the ASR forums but worth blogging about no doubt –

As told by Mecca:

Not mine but sad & funny

A female who was a friend but I never hit revealed to me one of the most foulestĀ things I heard a female do. She is married to a thug. Dude kept getting locked up like every season. He would serve a short bid then get back to hustling. She admitted to having fear of him but loved him like crazy. They had three kids together. One year she gets fed up with him going to jail and leaving her and the kids alone. And this time her hubby was locked longer than usual so she eventually met her a “friend”. She let him know that when her husband gets out everything has to stop. She admitted to never having sex with him in her husbands house but that still doesn’t make up for what she does later. Since her husband was getting detained so long in jail she didn’t know when exactly he would get out. One day he calls and tells her that he may be out on Monday (it was a Friday when he called). He promises her that he will do right from now on and not go back to jail and to be with the family. She calls her friend to tell him times up. Her friend begs her for one last time out that night. So she sends the kids to a friend and get dressed and go out for drinks with her friend and they have sex at his place. She tells him it’s been fun but she has to go. She goes home to get cleaned up before she goes back to get the kids when sitting in her living room is her husband .

Turns out he was able to get out a few hours after he called. She is scared shitless because he immediately starts to grill her. He ask her where she been, why she dressed like that, where the kids, has she been drinking, etc. She starts crying because she is scared. But she was able to lie and say she was crying because she was happy to see him but he is acting like that. He then starts kissing her and tells her he missed her and wants to be with her and it’s been too long. He wants to fuck her right then and there. So she tells him she has to use the bathroom. When she sits on the toilet she felt the first guys nut coming out of her. Her husband is in the bed yelling at her to hurry the fuck up. She knew if she took a shower or turn him down it would have made him more suspicious and he was known to snap. So she said she tried to clean herself up as much as possible and went and and slept with her husband . Now here is the fucked up part. She told me that when her husband started fucking her, he told her how good her pussy felt cuz it was so wet. She told him it was because she missed him so much but it was really because of the first guy’s nut . Her husband then apologized for putting her and the kids through so much and told her how much he loved her and he cried while they had sex.

So what has happened to you or what have you heard of happening?