Creative genius or not?

4 03 2008
With Black history month over, I thought it would be good to get your feedback on Nas’s new album. It was supposed to be released in February, but has been pushed back again.
No doubt Nas is courting controversy, even his creative genius can’t deny that. Even though he is one of the best rappers of all time this new album title has got me thinking. First of all, how come there seemed to be more people/rappers upset when Nas came out with Hip Hop is Dead? People were up in arms. For some reason this Ni99a album title is creating a subtle quiet storm, and it is mostly with people our parents age. Ni99a album vs Hip Hop is Dead which one gets you more offended?
Do you think that Nas’s argument about embracing the word as way of empowerment and self-affirmation is legit? Or do you think that he has paved the way for the Don Imus’s of the world to be out there and say “nappy headed ni99ers” and it is cool cuz hey Nas has that as an album title.
What you think?