22 02 2008

“My raps ignite the people like Obama.”

-Common (Finding Forever)

With Obamamania growing by the minute, I thought it would be interesting to do a post about him and his relevance to hip-hop. There is no doubt that he is literally the dark horse blazing up the scene. To be honest, I don’t think that people really thought that he would have made it this far. To their surprise he has…what is the appeal?

Can Obama be the voice for the hip-hop generation? After thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that yes he is. When you think about it at the end of the day Obama embodies all that there is to hip hop. He is in a nutshell the hip-hop American dream. Here are my top 4 reasons for saying this:

  1. Obama is a hustler. I mean who else can get people to give him $6 million dollars over a 24 hour period. Who else can come out of relative obscurity and create such a sensation that you have to take notice. He has got white people haning onto his words like it is crack…people are tuning into CNN just for an Obama fix.
  2. Obama can rock the mic and he has the verbage to back it up. Listen to the way the man speaks. There is a lyricism in his voice. His speeches inspire people. There is a whole generation of people our age who have become mobilized by his words that they want to put into action.
  3. Obama has got that swagger. His presence alone tells you that he is not one to mess with. He is strong. He is not backing down and for that people are scared because he has got people believing that he can be president.
  4. Obama is connected to the community. Yeah he went to Harvard, and yeah he is a lawyer but how many people you know go back to the community and work in the community as a civil rights lawyer? Because of this he has become very aware of the issues that the hip-hop generation faces. The majority of politicians don’t understand the struggles of the hip-hop community, and therefore they rarely address them.His policies indicate that he is in tune: health care for everyone, education reform, prison reform and sentencing reform, the war in Iraq, affordable college, jobs programs, social welfare…it is clear he has a pulse on the issues and wants to really evoke change. Like the true essence of hip-hop Obama is about community empowerment.

“I can do for you what Martin did for the people”…it is true. On his quest to upgrade America, Obama will be taking all of us in the hip-hop generation along for the ride.

Not too long ago Obama was discussing hip-hop and the relevance of hip-hop and he said that although hip-hop does a good job at shining the realities of America, it is time hip-hop embraces the true essence of it’s purpose and shine light on the possibilities of what can become. Maybe a Black President is just one of those things.

What do you think?




3 responses

28 02 2008

i agree…. very solid write up




7 08 2008
peachy keen

This is true, thanks for your thoughts! I believe that no other president in the history of the U.S has cared enough to be in tune with the Hip Hop generation and because of that not caring they have never been able to mobilized us, but indeed Obama has sparked a change we can believe in!

28 11 2008

Who ever believed that there comes a black president who listened to jay z! But is see more advantages for the internet. Obama is also the first president who understood how internet works.

What I think is even more important is that people are inspired by Obama.

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