B-Ha Update

2 01 2008

Sup good people, this is Ben’s friend Yuri in Houston stopping through to relay an ambiguous message to the masses.

Ben is fine, just dealing with some tricked up issues overseas.  I will try to relay whatever message he wants delivered as they come, the only thing he has really expressed is that he wants all of his peeps to continue contributing to the blog (posting articles, links, pics, video, etc.) while he is out of pocket for a bit.

I will post some of the stuff he had as drafts for cats that are interesting in dropping their opinions and in general try to hold it down until he is once again able to do so.

. . . we now return you to the daily routine that is your life . . .

(and just so I’m not some faceless cyber assbloggernaut — here)
 – – Yuri – –




7 responses

3 01 2008
Big Homie

Glad that B-Ha is doing well. What up B-Ha

10 01 2008

Ben wished everyone a Happy New Year! I’ll pass the word Big Homie. Anyone out in the blogosphere (as I’ve learned its called) interested in posting something, please do so. I’m going to drop one of his previously started posts next week once I get a chance to speak with him and finish it up.

– – Yuri – –

24 01 2008
iFux aka Etheraldinho

Damn word glad he is doing ok. Holla at your boy when you see me in the streets(blogsphere).

24 01 2008
LL(not the rappa)

glad Mr. Meen is good..got kinda worried for a bit.

5 08 2008
Sean a.k.a.Teflon

Yo Yuri its Sean please tell Ben that my wife and I miss him and love him, u dig. We are praying for his save return back home real soon. Also, the niggas did not forget about him…he’s our homie 4 life and DC has not been the same since he has been gone but I know he will be back stateside soon, my dude. Holla at me, peace!

3 09 2008
Sean a.k.a.Teflon

Wassap everyone! Just want to give everyone a heads up that Ben aka Benhameen will be coming back home to the U.S. on Friday Sept. 5, 2008. Yezzz Zirrrr!!! Stay patient and stay cool! Peace…

7 09 2008

yep im coming back….angry than a mother…the truth revealed tommorow….or soon enough….pleasedontstare.com coming quicker than you think….thats what she said.

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