27 01 2008

In a an effort to keep the blog alive, here is a post that BenHa wanted to get out and get your thoughts on: 

Is the DOC losing his voice the greatest loss Hip-Hop has ever experienced? His one and only LP No One Can Do it Better stands as a testament to the strength and power that poured from his vocal cords. His verse on NWA’s The Final Episode is arguably the best, and his lyricism would go on to fuel the majority of The Chronic and 2001. He served as a mentor to Snoop and a motivator for Dr. Dre, but with only one album to his name it hurts to think what else he could have accomplished.

Who or what do you think is the greatest loss in hip-hop?

– – Yuri


B-Ha Update

2 01 2008

Sup good people, this is Ben’s friend Yuri in Houston stopping through to relay an ambiguous message to the masses.

Ben is fine, just dealing with some tricked up issues overseas.  I will try to relay whatever message he wants delivered as they come, the only thing he has really expressed is that he wants all of his peeps to continue contributing to the blog (posting articles, links, pics, video, etc.) while he is out of pocket for a bit.

I will post some of the stuff he had as drafts for cats that are interesting in dropping their opinions and in general try to hold it down until he is once again able to do so.

. . . we now return you to the daily routine that is your life . . .

(and just so I’m not some faceless cyber assbloggernaut — here)
 – – Yuri – –