Why is That?

29 10 2007


Umm Frank don’t you think that’s enough sugar?

I’m in Africa. I shouldn’t be able to watch a crystal clear copy of American Gangster a week before it hits theaters but I am.This isn’t a review or anything you can find those plenty of places both on the movie and the LP. I’ve searched for good copies of SuperBad and Knocked Up to no avail and yet a week before the movie is even out I can find it easily? In Africa? This wouldn’t even be a conspiracy or anything but it seems I’m far from the only one who has seen it, and the last highly anticipated “African-American” film that I remember being so widely bootlegged was Belly. I had that movie on boot probably a month before it came out with the place music that wasn’t even in the final cut. Hopefully this won’t detract from the box office of AG because its pretty good in my opinion. Maybe Antoine Fuqua leaked the screener due to him beefing with the production company. I’m watching it again as we speak so more on this later.




3 responses

29 10 2007
The XFacta

That’s not coke?

29 10 2007

no but look at how his boy is sniffing the coke he’s drinking. You’d swear there is something in his soda.

29 10 2007
green eyes

hmmmm… i think i wold have liked it more if antoine fuqua did it

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