Since I was a lil snot nose rocking girbauds…

29 10 2007


arms folded in a b-boy pose


What can we say? We here at WorldWideDj love the kids. In a Trick Daddy not a R. Kelly kind of way. Or a Michael Jackson or even Marvin Gaye kind of way. You know when you stop to think about it there is a definite trend with soul singers. You have to wonder about Chris Brown and Omarion then, but maybe their lack of talent excludes them. Now Ne-Yo there’s one you have to look out for.

Shouts to Black Thought.




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31 10 2007
green eyes


how bout in a wutang sorta way?

31 10 2007
Big Homie

Sure you heard but Republic Gardens closed its doors this weekend. It was a spur of the moment. They got evicted not affording rent or something like that. I was just there Sat and found out about it yesterday when they was cleaning it out. Damnit.

1 11 2007
The XFacta

Trick love the kids

6 11 2007

Love dem kids huh?
Guess I have a babysitter next time I’m in D.C.

Again…really good pics…

12 11 2007
Big Homie

Meen does not care about new posts

12 11 2007

I second big Homie…

what is the point of having a blog if you don’t post?
Hope everything is fine…and in that case if it is then step up your blog game benha…

16 11 2007
green eyes

meen baby– where you at? dubai? hsaving fun? i hope so.

26 11 2007
nation of moderation

dogg… both the emails you gave me died… the hotmail and the yahoo joints

step your gmail game up

18 12 2007

ben for real where are you at?

20 12 2007
green eyes

what up meen.. see its ghost town around here… hope alls well

24 12 2007

has anyone heard from Ben?
I’m kind of worried…

17 11 2010
Gear Knobs

green eyes specially those deep green ones are very unique and very attractive. i really love those ;.`

25 01 2011
Surrogate Mother

:;. I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information **-

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