Me and The Biz

29 10 2007


If you admire somebody, you should gon’ head tell em’
People never get the flowers, while they can still smell em’ -Kanye West “Big Brother”

Sheik Mohammed Hussien Al Amoudi. If you dont know the name go ahead and google him. He’s only the richest Black man on the planet. Nothing that they would teach you about in America. Richer than Bob Johnson and Oprah put together. Somewhere in the billions but he’s humble so he’s listed lower on the Forbes list than he probably should be. Check out how he donated 20 million to help fund AIDS research in Africa or look into how he is one of the biggest humanitarians out there. This man has done more to help the needy than I could ever imagine doing. If i could do one 1/100th of a percent of what he has done I’ll say its a job well done.




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29 10 2007
green eyes

please say you didnt try and steak his wallet.

is he booking you to play his next birthday extravaganza? To be his personal DJ, create a soundscape for his daily life.

15 04 2008
sami( tattoo)

damn! i thought you just told me that just ‘cuz you saw him one day…and tell me you know him personnaly. damn nigga ‘ that’s cool. anyways i hope you are rockin’ outside now.

4 02 2010

wow, that’s amazing!!!!
A Very inspiration man indeed, great to know that he made all this from nothing to something big. The world needs more people like Sheik Mohammed Hussien Al Amoudi and you of course for posting this. 🙂

5 07 2010

he is not black. He is half yemeni arab and half Ethiopian. He is pretty dark for a half ethiopian though since Ive got family that are much lighter and more arab looking than him and they are eritrean.

30 07 2011

Yor are an idiot,what is bad in been ethiopians and eriteans have always wanted to be white.The world is changing and it is no special to be white again.Just be yourself as god has made you.Go back and help those hungry ethiopian and eriteans who are dying in thousands today

15 08 2011

@James totally agree with you but not all have that idiot’s sentiment, it’s an African plague as well as other non-white nations. The guy is obviously ignorant and most Ethiopians don’t think that way. I am black, an African and an Ethiopian and proud of it!
For the record it is all over Africa and America, here in the state the first thing one will say is she is a redbone/lightskin as if that is a compliment. So let’s be honest ignorance is everywhere

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