Rhythm and Culture Vol 1

9 10 2007

Listen for the classic line at :32 seconds in.  EDIT: At  :04 seconds left is the line

This is from the Ethiopian Resturant Yod Abyssinia. You can google it if you are ever in Addis great food, better drinks (peep the teji in the shot above), and a wonderful band with as you can see amazing dancers. I haven’t watched the one below but I believe that both of these are oromo dancers or gurage dancers? someone help me out?




8 responses

9 10 2007
green eyes

what up meen… i couldnt hear any classic line.. dod you record these? because i coulda sworn we already had a convo about you holding the camera upright. smh.

ill spot though.

10 10 2007
Big Homie

I was too busy looking at the shorty doing her thing (looks like a dutty wine), but what was the line? I cant make it out *third time watching*

Japan and China are some good movies. I hope you hit up them massage parlors and got some good cash on you…lol

11 10 2007

I’m with everyone else on this one…can’t hear the “classic line”. I’ with green eyes on the camera thing…guy hold the camera straight…I’m thinking it must have been too much teji

11 10 2007
green eyes

yeah.. love, i still cant hear any classic line. stop making us work so hard and tell us what it is

11 10 2007


“I think I’m sweating”

wont say who said it or not. And I was holding the camera straight. My boy in front with the teji and the hat was blocking the view of what the young woman was doing. And that is talent if Ive ever seen it. What up Homie Green Eyes and miss recshop.

12 10 2007
LL(not the rappa)

my head hurts for her…lol…good stuff… @ big homie..def. not the “dutty wine”

12 10 2007
Big Homie

LL I want to see you do the Dutty Wine 😉

Anyways, Meen check this out.


17 10 2007

you must be blind or crazy! One of them because all you have to do is watch that and you see you were not holding the cam straight! And listen, NINJA, how you expect us to hear that? Even after you tell us what it is I still can’t hear it!

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