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8 10 2007


We love the kids…

Since I got schooled in the comments the other day I feel that I have to say something about the other side of Ethiopia.

While there has been tremendous growth in the past years make no mistake life is not all about honey and wine in Addis. Unlike America there is no minimum wage and the school system could use a lot of work to say the least. It is not like a Western Capitalist country that allows for hard work to take you out of the conditions in which you are born into. Or at least it is much more difficult with the odds stacked so against you. Now one difference between here and America is that you don’t have to deal with the direct effects of racism and the after effects of years of oppression. Here everyone has a common culture and history that links them together through the worst of times. This causes people here to have a strength of character that I have rarely seen anywhere no matter how much or how little money they have. The pictures above are from a refuge for Muslims who are fasting for Ramadan. Thousands of people from villages surrounding Addis come here every day to be fed at Iftar and to have a place to sleep for the night. Even though they had no money and were hungry from a day of fasting they were still all for the most part smiling and just were happy to have their picture taken.




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8 10 2007

Nice rundown Benny, I actually mentioned something about this or the different side to Addis in your post on the millenium.


8 10 2007
Dr.Fuxie Teacher of Etherology

Lovely Pictures homie

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