Impressions of Ethiopia part 2 THE TEJI

27 09 2007


The deceptively small yellow bottle of Tej on the left, my boy Sami on the streets of Addis at night.

Hmm where do I begin….the bottle on the left with the golden yellow liquid inside is tej. The wikipedia article explains it pretty well but let me tell you from experience it isn’t deceptive at all. While it does taste kind of honeyish you know instantly that you are drinking something that is going to get you good and drunk. Especially when you try and handle a nice sized berele by yourself.

Tej is the most popular cultural drink in Ethiopia and many people make it in the comfort of their own home. I went to a tej house, which is like a lil two three room pub, where they served food and drink. Thankfully they did serve food cause the bottle of tej had me done in.

Legend and basically word from my boy Sami is that when Menelik went to war with Italy he and his army of soldiers were sipping on the syrup as we would say. Unlike the syrup the teji, which is spelled tej, teji, or teja, is all natural and doesn’t really leave you with the hangover. So as Sami would say some people subsitute tej for water. Not that I’m recommending that but you know thats what I’ve heard.




One response

1 10 2007

yeah man i’ll soon be there to cosign on that one 🙂

um, my ticket?

maybe Mommy can come with me in November

let a nigga know…btw loving this blog

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