Top Five Most Underrated Southern Emcees

20 09 2007


Sitting here trying to decide what to post and I see news of a new Jay album which will of course keep the nahrighters and the XXLers in a tizzy all day so should I go with more shots of Africa or something else….was gonna do the most under rated southern rappers of all time so lets go with that.


Really at this point I’m not even sure if he should be on the list but people rarely bring his name up when making the top five top ten or even top twenty so he gets the spot. Been making music since 88 he dropped his first solo album a certified classic in 91. Since then he has been one of the most consistent dropping albums every other year or so with a double LP here and there. He’s worked with all of the greats Jay Nas Cube Pac. I don’t think he ever did a track with Big which is a shame cuz they would’ve done some hot shit together. His flow is impeccable his story telling may b second to none and for emotion it’s hard to scale the heights that he did on This Can’t Be Life.

2. Andre 3000

First off as my boy Young Guru said find me a wack rhyme that Andre spit and then we can talk. Pretty much end of story on that one and yet there are still some haters out there. Perhaps it’s his willingness to push the boundaries and sing an entire LP that gets people questioning his resume but lets be for real. Whenever he chooses to rhyme its pretty much end of story for anyone else on the track. Like the Jay-Z of olden days each flow is created for the track and then abandoned for a new one on the next track. His stutter flow on the remix to throw some d’s is so sublime that you may not even notice it on the first listen.

3. Trick Daddy

I remember reading an article on Trick Daddy Dollars back in the day in maybe RAP PAGES (said it was back in the day) and thinking this man needs to never put an album out. The article talked about his child hood and his revolving door life with the justice system. At one point he detailed how he got out of jail one day went back to the drug spot and shot the same man who had snitched on him in the first place. He also beat a teacher with a lead pipe. So imagine my surpise on hearing Nann N**ga a great club banger or even more my shock upon hearing America, one of the most insightful and yet still street ready songs about the world we Americans live in. But as he said on In the Wind, Trick loves the kids. One of the few rappers who has been through it and doesn’t want those following to go through the same nonsense.

4. Devin the Dude

Another questionable entry is Devin still under appreciated? Well if you have never heard the Odd Squad’s Fadanuf fa Evybody than yes he is. As Scarface said that LP is the best thing Rap-a-Lot has ever put out and that includes the Ghetto Boys and Scarface’s entire catalog. And since then Devin has put in work with Face Mob and released four stellar solo LP’s of his own. Having recorded with the great Premier and Dr. Dre there is definitely something about Devin that people love. His humor on wax is second to none and his ability to turn real life stories that we can all relate to into great music is amazing.

5. Chamillionaire

This one is tough as Cham hasn’t been out that long and thus may not really be under rated as he is just hasn’t been given a chance to shine yet. I’m sure I’m gonna get some arguments on this one but hey just for his new single Hip Hop Police he deserves a spot. Instead of going with the club banger or the girl song he brings out what is one of the best videos of the year. And the accompanying video Evening News may even be more amazing. His hooks are crazy his lyrics and flows are dope he gets the number five spot.





14 responses

20 09 2007
green eyes

brilliant post meen.
just to start off on an aggy note– by the very fact a cats from the south he’ll be underrated most of his career thanks to hating ass NYers.
not sure if im with you on chamillionaire though for the very reasons you stated, hes doing some really intesting things, but i need a few more albums before he gets most underrated MC title.

you know i ride with you on TDD, devin as well.

Are Dre & ‘Face really underrated though? Id put those two in the Southern MCs who actually get noticed” category.

20 09 2007
Big Homie

Good post Meen. I think Scarface is only there because we havent heard from him in awhile so I dont think he is underated. Scarface though is my top choice from the south period. Same thing goes with Andre 2000. Trick and Devin definitely underated and Chamillionaire is too new to be underated and in a category with the others. He is slept on though.

Word to X-Facta Stat Quo is another one.

Weezy and TI are overated by the way, but that is a diffrent

20 09 2007

Where’s Young Buck? Where’s Lil Boosie? Come on Fella..LEts get DEvin the dud up outta that list and talk Trick Momma with you..

21 09 2007
State of Grace

When you posted in Nah I was like “Scarface better be on top of that list.” Nicely done.

21 09 2007

I pretty much so-sign this. Although I think its more of a ‘The Best Southern MC’s’ list because all of those rappers are the best Down South if you ask me. I’d probably have Killer Mike in at Number 5 though instead of Cham. Although Cham is nice and overlooked.

Props Meen

21 09 2007

who is that up there talking about “hating ass NYers”? First of all, Scarface is one of the best in the game, and i’m from NY! I’ve been on the Ghetto Boys since read these nikes! Benha you know…… you put me on to Scareface solo joints and i’ve been open ever since! He is underrated….. but don’t put the blame on NY!

21 09 2007

Hmm @ England Killer Mike while dope I dunno if he can stand on this list but I guess he is right there with Cham.
Stat Quo has promise but thats about it right now
Boosie? see Stat Quo with more possibilities
Young Buck? definitely could have made the list but he gets a lot of shine everywhere so I never think of him as under rated

21 09 2007

And yall r sleeping on this picture. Ima use it again and again…

21 09 2007

Where’s Young Buck? Where’s Lil Boosie? Come on Fella..LEts get DEvin the dud up outta that list and talk Trick Momma with you..


Young Buck?? Boosie?? For gods sake what mindstate where you in when you typed that shit.

Young Buck, what the heck has young buck done, he cant hold a candle to scarface, or andre 3000, hes not even lyrically impressive. Dude is just ok, give him a nice beat and he’s aight.

Boosie on the list of underrated?? you disgust me.

Great list though, I dont think dre 3000 is really underrated, he gets enough recognition as being on of the best Mc’s in the south, or anywhere for that matter.

I like old big boy too, he was also lyrically impressive, maybe not so much today.

21 09 2007

Boosie on the list of underrated?? you disgust me.

haha (c) nelson

21 09 2007
green eyes

Buck & Boosie dont belong on the list. in 6 years if you still give a fuck who either of them are, maybe we can talk.

21 09 2007

Where is UGK? Get Chamillion up out of there he gets no respect in the H, let alone the South? He’s too commercial to be up there in my humble opinion. Ben Ha where the hell is Trae? 3000 went Diamond with Outkast so i cant call him underrated however, Young Buck is underrated along with UGK and Trae- H-Town stand up! lol F around I’m a throw Lil Keke in there too.

15 04 2008

UGK is a group, and they are still underrated in the mainstream, but the hood knows what’s up. Boosie – – “I wih I had for hands so I could give Boosie four thumbs doooooown!!”

Dre is finally starting to be really appreciated, Buck actually does his thing, he has his own lane – a more soulful, grounded kind of style.

16 01 2009

Yea holla at lil boosie, probly most underrated rapper today. go look at his underground stuff then you’ll see how good he is.

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