You aint even gotta ask me bruh part two

17 09 2007

In the words of Jamie Foxx it’s a country full of Halle Berrys…




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17 09 2007

Yo man I might have to send you some flyer’s with my pictures & email on them and you could just pass them out to the women…hahahahaha. No homo…and I’m partially serious them happen to be some bad broads…err woman.

*makes plan for motherland*

17 09 2007

^ 911

everyone should make a trip

18 09 2007

Holy fecking feck! Mother of God those are some FINE wenches. Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine. 911 back the fuck up, MeenMan is holdin me down first ain’t that right Meen? (nh) Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit I’ll be in Addis next fuckin week.

Big Ups pimp.

18 09 2007

thanks i need to take more pics but these women here act all shy till you get em a lil drunk…its so many out here i get confused….more to come though dont worry…and england and 911 i got you im tellin you its a pimpers paradise….and a great country all around

ethiopia soon to b my second home.

18 09 2007

hameen tell all of them to back the fuck up! if anyone is getting put on its me! I’ll pop the bottles you bring the women……and we’ll both skeet skeet and the end of the night! NO HOMO!

18 09 2007

Look at Taz in the back of one of the pics looking lost!

18 09 2007
Big Homie

Meen, can you bring back some of them to the states. I can show them around

Props on the new layout. Much better.

19 09 2007

Yada, Yada, Yada…
I must be the only girl reading this…

Whats up? Still waiting for you to hit me back. Loving the pics and the video feeds…shaky camera but hey we all can’t be perfect. You should save the photos and stuff it as the makings of a photo book…see it on my coffee table.

got some pics to send you let me know when you are ready/have the time

any of my predictions coming true.

19 09 2007

its becca

20 09 2007

Yo Son,

Those women r sic, my dude. I def need to come wit real soon. R all the ladies in Ethiopia like that, if so my god.

I’ll Holla

22 09 2007

Whats good Ben Ha? I see you keeping 100% in Africa. Make sure you bring back a spear or two. Holla

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