Happy Millennium!

16 09 2007

Some women and children from one of the nearby villages singing a traditional Millennium song. This is in the jewelry section of Addis, a row of shops that all sell gold and silver rings and things. Just like New York, DC, Houston, or any other major city I’ve been in. I have to say though that YouTubes resolution is garbage. Anyone getting the same results or is this clear on your screen. The original is much better.




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17 09 2007



17 09 2007
D. Billz

D. Billz aka That Ninja


How was that trip chief?

17 09 2007

It aint over just gettin started Billz….

17 09 2007

I bet Millenium in Addis was ridic. Shame the government spent all that money on clearing the homeless out of the streets but then when all the clamity dies down there’ll still be kids sleeping rough by the thousands. Same as in every big city I guess but some of the money spent on the celebration would have been well spent on the homeless kids.

Anyways it woulda been one knockin party.


17 09 2007

Thanks England and yeah it is pretty much the same in every city. And at least the homeless here are kind and friendly and more full of love than in any other city I’ve ever been in. and it was definitely a rocking party to say the least. wait until Oct 20th….

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