You aint even gotta ask me bruh

14 09 2007

what more can i say




8 responses

14 09 2007

Where’s this from?

14 09 2007
Big Homie

smh that I was expecting for the pic to enlarge when I click it. Bigger pics homie.

From what I see the women are looking on point. Damnit it. Foooock

15 09 2007

Ethiopia and ok BH i got you I thought the pics would enlarge too…fucking wordpress sucks.

16 09 2007

the last pic get the win!

16 09 2007

and i clicked each individual pic. They enlarged….large as hell

16 09 2007

Thanks had to fix that issue shits a pain to work with. and yeah the last was a good look may have to make that a cd cover..

16 09 2007
green eyes

meen, next time try to look a little happy that beautiful woman are all up on you

20 09 2007


Yo, its seem like u killin it out there homeboy. Keep doing it and represent the GET MONEY…rep the ruling class negroes to tha fullest.


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