If you say real talk I probably wouldn’t trust ya

28 09 2007

This is part three, the first part that really grabbed me but I think every bit is required watching.

Right off the bat let me say shouts to eskay for being up on this from the jump as usual. Since things get passed by really quickly over there let me say this, I never messed with Professor Dyson before this I figured anyone speaking from a collegiate standpoint on hip-hop or even the culture that spawned it would be on some bullshit. Watching and listening to this I have to say not only is Dyson on his game, but from what I’ve seen this is some of the most incisive commentary I’ve ever seen on Hip-Hop. This is past real talk.


Impressions of Ethiopia part 2 THE TEJI

27 09 2007


The deceptively small yellow bottle of Tej on the left, my boy Sami on the streets of Addis at night. Read the rest of this entry »


26 09 2007


The Top Four Producers in the game reinvented as the World’s Greatest Superhero Team. Soon you’ll understand… Read the rest of this entry »

Thank God for Hip Hop Vol 1

26 09 2007


Not much to say about this some of you may have it some of you don’t. It’s a lil mix I like to call classic. Download it check it out let me know what you think. It’s all about love so while it includes Hip-Hop it goes through every genre like a real dj should. If i get enough requests Ill up the tracklisting but for the time being just enjoy the music….


Impressions of Ethiopia

24 09 2007

The above photos are taken at Kuriftu Resort and Spa. If you visit Addis take a trip there. Tell em Benhameen sent you.

The first thing to be said about Ethiopia is potential. It is a country full of a proud people who have a strong link to their culture and history. Before I came here I always wondered why Ethiopians could be so haughty and stand offish at times. Being here you come to understand that coming from a land in Africa with direct links to the first civilization can make you a bit proud. Not without reason though as I said the culture dates back to original man. I’m no historian so I’m not going to begin to get into the deep history of the country but it’s definitely worth googling when you have a minute or an hour.
The main point I want to make right now that African Americans and people in general could learn from Ethiopians is the love they have. They welcome you into their homes and hearts the instant they meet you. Perhaps it’s because they don’t have many material goods but even poor people in America do not act or carry themselves the way the people here do. Even those with more money than the average Ethiopian have a dignity and kindess about them that is definitely lacking in the average American. I hope that in the coming years of prosperity they do not lose that quality it is easily the most amazing thing I have witnessed here.

Classic Material Part Two- Nas Live at Love NY STATE OF MIND

24 09 2007

See I love New York too, but whenever I want to start a revolution I always head to Houston. Even in a NY state of mind song he has to big up the greatest city in the world. Seriously one of my fav Nas songs of all time and not just for the H-Town reference. still working on the best producers….Premier is moving on up.

time to spark the revolution catch a body head for Houston- a poet and a prophet.

You aint even gotta ask me bruh part three

23 09 2007

The fancy cars,
the women and the caviar,
you know who we are…..you know the rest….